Commission and Taxes

All your transactions with the platform are taxable as per your local guidelines and tax laws. Prior to your deposit or your withdrawals, you’ll be informed about the relevant taxes within the platform.
In any case, if the taxes are not shown, then later it’ll be deducted from your account prior or without your notice as per your local state laws.
GOGAME Inc. charges separate taxes for each of its territories. Your deposit or withdrawal may go on hold if any taxes are pre-charged. GOGAME Inc. doesn’t take any responsibility for any taxes or liabilities withheld by you. GOGAME Inc. gains commission of 10%-20% on every game that you play.
It helps us provide you with better service and bring new features and products.
There are no other charges except the commission that the Company deducts from you which is completely an automatic process. Note: GOGAME Inc. never asks you for OTP, Withdrawals, Personal Information, Transaction ID, Passwords, Cross-Sharing, etc. GOGAME Inc. is not responsible for any liability caused by you to whom you share and what you do.