Games of Skill Vs. Chance

There are many major media which have made available skill games on their platform that lets professional or new gamers compete in popular casual or any genre game with real money at stake.

Skill-based games have a well-established legal, social and commercial history.

GOGAME Inc. is a platform that lets users compete, enabling skill-based tournaments on mobile devices while offering gamers to compete with real rewards.

Games created by GOGAME Inc. take a crystal clear advancement as being games of skill -- and are not games of chance. Hence, we do not occupy, promote, or develop any game that involves games of chance.

Games of skill require a physical or mental ability and a learned capacity to carry out a result. These tactics and abilities include but are not limited to strategy, tactics, coordination, judgement, strength, finger movements, technical expertise, knowledge about game, etc.

Whereas games of chance are games with an outcome strongly influenced by a random chance or uncertainty or comes with a lot of probable chances. Common randomization includes dice, playing cards, or numbered balls drawn from a container or lucky draw or picking a random card from the deck.

Games of chance may have some skill, and games of skill may have some chance, you can either test using predominance test or the material element test to look at the role of that skill and chance each take in determining the outcome of the game.Cash-based games are not considered gambling because of generally accepted definitions of gambling involves three specific things:
The Award of the Prize
Paid-in Consideration
An Outcome determined on the basis of chanceWithout all these three elements, a competition's reward is not gambling.
Tournaments hosted by the Company are rather achieved by the player’s skill or ability, making it legal in most of the countries and states.

Users must be 18+ to avail and enjoy the services of the Company.