Payments & Withdrawal Policy

  1. Payment Policy
  • The company is financially responsible for the Client’s account balance at any moment.
  • The company’s financial responsibility begins once the user deposits and continues up to the full withdrawal of the funds. The client has entire rights to demand funds from the company anytime which is available in their account by providing a genuine reason.
  • The official deposit methods are available only on the Company’s Official Website. The user is taking complete risks related to the use of the payment methods unless provided by the Company’s partners or the Company’s responsibility.
  • In case of any technical errors, the Company has the right to forfeit any transactions or cancel the entire process.
  • The company is in no way responsible for any transactions that are made/ collected by third party services except GOGAME Inc. Website and Platforms that are available on Android. In case any fraud appears during the financial transaction or after it, the Company reserves the right to cancel the transaction and to freeze the Client's account.
    2. Deposit Procedure
  • To make a deposit, the User shall choose any of the payment methods from the list, fill in the required details and proceed to the payment page.
  • GOGAME Inc. is associated with PayPal and Stripe to facilitate payments in the Platform.
  • GOGAME Inc. has no direct agreement with our Payment Providers to call, communicate, or message you claiming that they’re from such payment provider companies and demand penalty, fine, or charges from you.
  • Each deposit will take at least 5 minutes to reflect in your statement and balance, and in some cases it might take upto an hour.
    3. Taxes
  • The Company won’t act as a tax agent but will facilitate the same for you to pay taxes promptly. Please visit our tax page to know more about taxes and fees.
    4. In-Platform Policy
  • All the game formats or items you purchase in the Platform are irrevocably non-refundable and are one-time payment/ one-click payments. In particular cases, we can stand out if the transaction isn’t deducted properly from your account balance.
    5. Withdrawal Policy
​We fund climate change and feed the hunger programs, you can opt for a 2% donation from your withdrawals to show extra care. This is just an option, not a necessity.
  • To withdraw funds, your account must be verified, You shall submit a proper withdrawal request in order to withdraw your funds. You may select the payment methods given during the time of withdrawal which is shown in the list and specify all the necessary details.
  • After you submit your withdrawal request, such request will be assigned a “Requested” status which states that you have successfully submitted your withdrawal request with us. After that, it’ll be assigned to “In Process” which means the requested amount has been deducted from your account balance. After the withdrawal requested is switched to “Processed” status, the requested funds will be transferred to the payment system.
Note: You can anytime cancel your withdrawal by pressing on the cancel button below the transaction entry.
  • The withdrawal request will be delivered in first come and first serve notice, which takes upto 3 business days to credit your balance in your account. In case your account is not delivered with the amount balance, you can reach out to us on or contact our chat support directly from the platform.
  • The company may not process withdrawal less than the minimum amount as specified by the payment provider. For more information, you can go to Deposits and Withdrawal Section.
  • You are fully responsible for the entire data you give to us when you’re withdrawing.
  • The client has the right to withdraw the entire amount, if any third-party is maintaining your account and if they process to another account without your prior information, The company is not responsible in whatsoever cases.